Monday, November 1, 2010

Southern Hospitality alright...

Remember a few nights ago when I was expressing my displeasure over the powers that be in my area deciding that Trick or Treating should not be done on Sunday? Well it looks like some folks don't mind being straight up with their ignorance.
Bishop Rosie O'Neal with Koinonia Christian Center Church says, "I have a problem. You know i remember being a little kid and walking out and just wanting that bag of candy, but as i got older i began to understand the focus of evil and darkness and All Hallow's Eve and i just felt like as a believer i don't want to do that."

Evil and Darkness eh? Let's take a look.

While the Halloween we know now is a secular excuse to beg for candy, play pranks, wear costumes, and get wasted its actually based on oldertraditions, some of which predate Christianity.

Part of its origins are from Pagan/Celtic practices of celebrating and praying for a good harvest. Don't Christians celebrate, pray for, and give thanks for the food they are about to receive?

Part of its origins are from the All Saints Day practice of aiding the souls of the departed in crossing to the other side. Don't Christians do something like that?

Part of its origins are from the Gaelic harvest festival known as Samhain. Namely hollowing out turnips and carving faces into them to ward off evil spirits. Sounds a lot like a cross doesn't it.