Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Slight of hand on an article about circumcision

Go take a look at this.

Its an article about Kafue Boys Secondary School where some of its pupils registered to be circumcised at Kafue Rural Health Centre without consent from school authorities.

According to Catherine Mutale, headmistriss of the school, posters promoting the process were found on school grounds. The posters were removed however some of the boys at the school had already been booked and others had even had the procedure done already.

After the removal of their foreskins some of the boys have had trouble sitting and walking and some have also missed classes. Mutale has also been concerned about whether or not the boys are practicing proper care in keeping the wounds clean.

There are a few things that bother me about this.

1. The end run around shool and parental consent - From way the health center reacted to Mutale's inquiry it seems like the center went out of their way to avoid getting permission from the boys' parents or the school. You would think that if the process is so helpful they would not mind running it past parents and school authorities.

2. With a title like "Boys see circumcision as a licence for unprotected sex" [sic] one could be led to think that this was about boys concluding amongst themselves. But when one reads the article its pretty clear that this is about a health center trying to influence boys into getting circumcised and their willingness to even dodge parents and school authorities to get it down. Why not, "Boys led to believe circumcision as a license for unprotected sex"?

It would be one thing if these were adult men making the choice after being able to think on the issue but we are talking about boys who were feed selective information in order to make a biased decision.