Monday, November 22, 2010

"Dance like no one is watching"

I don't dance plain and simple. Given that electronica and dance are my favorite genres of music that sounds odd I'm sure. But while I was out one night on my vacation the woman I was with dropped some of the illest and most profound advice on me.

"Dance like no one is watching".

You see the main reason I don't dance is because I am horribly self conscious about my body, to the point that yes there are times when I don't like my body. If I were to dance I would go nuts thinking about what the people around me are thinking when they see me dance. And she challenged my thoughts on the matter.

We we sitting and watching people dance at this one cafe we went to and she asked if noticed anyone looking at the people dancing and truthfully not many people were paying attention to them.

Later on that night when she got me up on the dance floor I noticed she was right. No one was paying attention me. I was able to just dance and do my thing and let the music flow through me and let it take over.

And when you think about it it applies to more than just the dance floor. When living your life in general you have to do your own thing and not worry about others (unless of course we are talking about those you are directly responsible for but otherwise this holds true).

In summation I think this is the result of not going out very often. That's something I will have to work on. Need to stop wondering who's looking at me and just let the beat take over.

Speaking of dancing.


elementary_watson said...

Last Sunday, family watched film of my brother's marriage, where, apparently, there is a segment of me dancing, probably wildly (I didn't bother to look). My comment to their comments about this? "Dance like no one is filming you."

Best movements to you :-)

Danny said...

Thanks EW. I have to say that while I'm not quite up to the level of doing it of my own initiative at a club or part I do occasionally dance when no one is around.