Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekly Mashup Stage 57

No you haven't missed 40 entries of my Weekly Mashup. Its just that I haven't done one since 17 and 18(Sept. 27-Oct. 1)+19(Oct. 4-Oct. 8)+20(Oct. 11-Oct. 15)=57 that's what I went with. Most of this stuff is pretty old but I wanted to put it up anyway.

Ohio SC Decision a Clear Win for Dads in Adoption Cases: Looks like folks are finally starting to realize that fathers should actually have a fair chance at being in their kids lives rather that leaving their rights to the whims of vindictive moms, stalling lawyers, biased judges, and a sexist system that is stacked against men.

Wife accused of murdering her cheating husband by setting him on fire 'only wanted to burn his genitals': You ever notice that when a woman commits an act of violence against a male partner those who cover it tend to try to open with explaining why she did it. Almost like they want to paint her up as the victim. Yeah she killed but its not like she was trying to kill him, she was just trying to burn away his genitals.

Oktoberfest 2010: I've heard from friends that Oktoberfest is off the chain. I would like very much to go one day. (If you look at picture 38 in that gallery and notice the second woman from the left. Totally attractive right?)

Advocates Debate Using Advertising in Schools to Raise Funds in Budget Crisis: Am I the only one that thinks this may not work out so well? I can totally see the ad space, which will more than likely go to the highest bidder, being devoted to dealers of unhealthy foods and who knows what else.

News reports of upswing in middle-aged suicide miss one glaring fact: Robert Franklin with another example of how when reporting on stats in a gendered manner those reporting seem to bend reality in ways Ang only wished he could in order to bury men and highlight women.

The Amazing Disappearing Trans Sexual Orientation: "When some trans people chose the answer “Straight” under the sexual-orientation category, they received a polite message saying, in effect, that they could not complete the survey, because it was not for straight people. Of course, the problem was immediately remedied after the first complaint, but some damage might have already been done."

Whatever Happened To ... the battle over Baby Emma: And remember folks this is happening in a country where an awful lot of people spend an awful lot of time simultaneously complaining that men need to "step up" and be fathers and fighting tooth and nail to push dads out of their kids lives.

Rejecting Binaries: Men Have Curves Too: "
When we have so many images of photoshopped models apparently illustrating the differences between men's and women's bodies, it can be easy to forget that there is tremendous overlap between the two, and that our bodies are what we make them. Our notions of what gendered bodies ought to look like don't reflect the full range of possibilities."

Being a Man: Time Passing By: "That said, looking back on it, I suppose one thing that kept me going was trying to keep it from happening to my brothers and cousins. I was a failure at that as well, but at least I put forth some effort. They are surprisingly forgiving of me, considering the circumstances."

The Full Duke University "Fuck List" Thesis From A Former Female Student (UPDATE): I'm not sure what all is going on here but it looks like a woman made a power point presentation on men that she slept with while attending Duke University and after sharing with a small group of friends it got out and went viral. Yeah because there's no way she could possibly think that it would go beyond that circle of friends.

Web Anonymity’s Fragility and Importance to Men’s Rights: "Often, though, litigation is initiated with the goal of unmasking anonymous speakers simply to harass and humiliate them with the strong arms of courts nationwide. These cases are often referred to as strategic litigation against public participation (SLAPP) suits, and only California currently has a statute penalizing plaintiffs who vex hapless defendants with them. (Federal anti-SLAPP legislation, the Citizen Participation Act of 2009, has been proposed; other states’ anti-SLAPP laws fall short on individual protections and apply only to political speech and matters of “public concern.”)"

Zimbabwe man claims rape by gang of women: ""A docket for aggravated assault has since been opened in these cases," said Bvudijena. There is currently no law on the books in Zimbabwe for rape by a woman."

Domestic Violence on the show "Teen Mom": Two posts (via Salon and Glenn Sacks) on how an instance of female against male domestic violence pretty much just went under the radar.

Oprah Winfrey says she's disappointed by school abuse case verdict: "Tiny Virginia Makopo, 30, was found not guilty of allegations that she improperly touched several teenage girls when she was a matron at the campus near Johannesburg soon after it opened in 2007, the South African Press Association reported Monday."

Dramatic Endgame Nears for Trapped Chilean Miners: " After waiting 69 days to be rescued, the Chilean miners trapped about 2,000 feet below ground had to wait a little longer Tuesday evening as rescue crews performed final tests on the capsule than soon will be lowered to them." It looks like things are looking good for the men trapped down there. Early projections had put a rescue at nearly
Christmas but now it looks like it may happen as early as this week (let's hope that by the time I post this they will already be safe, and they have).

I've seen Macross Plus more than enough times to know that this cannot end well.

Take it easy.