Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly Mashup Stage 21

Hey people. Its been hectic lately since I've started helping my local volunteer fire department run their annual Haunted House (in fact that's why I've been posting so lightly the last week or so). Let's do it.

College Party Sparks Rape Drug Hysteria: Who needs actual crime when you can generate Fear Uncertainty and Doubt with the help of overhyped sensationalism?

Shortly after 33 miners were rescued from a mine in Chile 11 miners are now trapped after a gas explosion in a Chinese mine. People are fearing the worst as it looks like these 11 will not be rescued.

Even though I don't have kids I might try this DIY project.

Gender and Politics:"By accusing men of not being “manly” enough, women are able to not only show that they can play the same games in a man’s world, but also they also reinforce the idea that there is one certain masculinity that men must live up to, or else they will not be suited for the world of politics."

One in six boys can't write their own name by the age of five:She [Literacy expert Sue Palmer] said: ‘Boys will be disadvantaged at every point until we give them a more play-based approach until the age of six or seven, with less emphasis on formal schooling.’ Personally I don't agree that making education more play based is a necessity but something has to be done about this. And what really bothers me is that stats like this just don't happen overnight.

May the Force Live Long and Prosper?

Stop Complaining That There Are No Black People On ‘Mad Men’: It really took people four seasons to figure this shit out? Damn shame is that some of the same people that were cheering the show on about how it portrayed the oppression of women were some of the same ones wondering why there were no black people. The writers of Mad Men are trying to be at least somewhat historically accurate folks. I supposed next they'll get around to asking why there were no Chinese people in "Roots".

Shrink4Men: A new addition to my blogroll. The headline, "for men who are recovering from relationships with abusive women and the non-abusive family and friends who love them". (Fro tip to Spearhead.)

See you next week!


Paul said...

The mad men thing sorta reminds me of the various campaigns to ban/edit books like Huck Finn that pop up every so often. The weird thing is, I've never seen anybody black advocate for it (maybe there are, I've just never seen it) it's always some busybody white person.

Danny said...

Precisely. I don't want to go back and edit history in order to be politically correct. I'd much rather work on making sure stuff like that is just that, history. I had a similar complaint about King Pin being played by a black guy in the Dare Devil movie a few years ago. Frankly speaking while I like Micheal Clarke Duncan I didn't like the fact that the King Pin was not a white guy. But as far as I can tell I think I'm about the only person that didn't like it (or perhaps the fact that I'm black kept people from coming down on me about it).

To use your mention of Huck Finn as an example I say don't bother trying to edit that and other past works. Work on new material that is inclusive and shows that we've learned from our past.