Monday, October 25, 2010

Those Axe marketers and their ads...

Fro tip to Smart Canucks

As you may have heard I'm no friend of Axe. As you may realize I am not a fan of their method of advertising which is pretty much shame young guys into thinking that they are dirty pigs (and I mean that literally) that have no chance of getting with women unless they use Axe products to clean up. In short they use sex to sell body spray/shampoo/body wash.

So imagine my surprise when I saw the ad above that's being displayed in Canada.

These folks still have to resort to getting guys to buy their products with promises of getting with women. Their body spray is like 99.9% alcohol. Their shampoo is full of chemicals just like any other shampoo (and more expensive because of their name to boot). Their body wash stinks and doesn't work that well.

Sub standard products, for high prices, pushed with anti-male advertising.

So in short to the devil with their products.


Paul said...

Is the horse thing supposed to be a shot at the Old Spice ads? ...I don't think I get it....

Danny said...

Yes Paul that's just what it is. I supposed Axe is saying that Old Spice is only good for attracting horses so if guys want to attract women they need to use Axe.

Considering the (at least in the past) reputation that Old Spice has for being the thing that manly men wear I guess you could say Axe is trying to push against old ideals. Problem is they aren't trying to challenge the system of masculinity but are only trying to take their place at the top of the (money making) hill.