Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So this one time in my bedroom...

Okay folks I'm talking about my recent go around with sex toys and I don't intend to spare any details. Tread carefully.

I've done a post or two on men and sex toys before and in the comment section of one of the posts someone mentioned anal pleasure and vibrators. Well after thinking about it and building the nerve I decided to take the plunge.

Well since this was my first foray into it I picked up a simple "personal massager" from Spencer Gifts. Seven inches of blue metallic speed controlled vibration. I mean really how could I resist shiny. I also bought a silicone based lube called Wet Platinum.

Interesting to say the least. Before I started playing with my anus I wrapped it up in a condom, lubed it up, and turned it on. I have to say it was something new. Felt good. I totally understand why women like vibrators. Damn I spent about 30min. rubbing it all over my body before I even got around to the anal. Rubbing that thing over the glans of my penis is just great.

But as good as it felt I think I should have gotten something with a texture rather than simply smooth. Even for as good as it felt it would probably feel better if my sphincter weren't so tense. Remember I'm not used to having anything go in back there.

Oh and about that lube Wet Platinum, its terrible. When using it with my vibrator I had to relube it like every 30sec. it seemed. Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke I tried it with my Pocket Pussy and the same thing happened. Had to keep lubing it up to keep going. It even happened with my Fleshlight. I'll just stick with Astroglide.

Yeah I'm pretty sure I'll be revisiting this.


Leah said...

this blog has comprehensive reviews of mens sex toys, if you are interested. http://theinqueery.com/

Moji said...

Still can't beat the hand! the men's best sex toy ever :)

Come vist me at my blogs, I will be glad...

Danny said...

Yes the hand is a classic that will never go out of style Moji. Its just that every once in a while I want to try something different.

Danny said...

Thanks for the link Leah. I checked it out last night and its definitely worth reading for no other reason that the blogger's analysis of lubricants.