Thursday, October 28, 2010

So the Lord doesn't like to share?

Ok before I go into this bear in mind that I live in The South. For those of you who don't know The South is a section of the United States that pretty much covers from Virginia down to Florida and from the east coast out to about Texas. In this section of geography there is also the name Bible Belt that covers about the same span (just a little further out west in to Texas). In this Bible Belt people take their religion very seriously (to the point of violence).

Now that that is established let me clue you in on how several places have decided that rather than having the little ones get their candy gather on on the actual night of Halloween (Sunday Oct. 31) it shall be done on the night before (Saturday Oct. 30). Now at face value its a good idea because kids need to go to school and adults have to get ready for work on Monday. But if that were the case I would not have led off with that paragraph about The South and Bible Belt.

No no when I ask around the common answer is that Halloween was moved because kids should not be Trick or Treating on "the Lord's day". Yeah I know.

Nevermind that Halloween is based on Celtic/Pagan traditions that predate Christianity. No Oct. 31 just happens to fall on a day that has been claimed in the name of God and therefore must be moved. You would think that our Lord and Savior would have no problem sharing Sunday with a tradition that's pretty much become secular.

I don't know if this attitude exists in other places but I find it sad that people are so quick to push around non Christian things as if Christianity is the only valid religion. Which disappoints me even more since that means I live in an area where I will have nothing to get into for Halloween (not even a costume party).