Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Out of office

I know haven't been in the office much lately. This past weekend I was working with some friends work on a fundraiser for a woman who is trying to build up the funds to get an operation on her lower spine. Monday and Tuesday of this week were eaten up by getting things done at work in order to free me up for what I'm about to do for the rest of the week. In a few hours I'm heading down to Florida for a friends wedding. I'll be gone until at least Sunday but I have next Monday off so I may be back to post then.

So rest assured I haven't just vanished. Just been too busy to post. There will be no Theater Thursday tomorrow due to being out of the office and my next Weekly Mashup will be pretty large since I didn't do one this past weekend either.

But nevermind all that this is the first time all year long I've taken time off for something other than being sick or for doctor appointments. I am so f'n amped for this.

If you're dropping in don't be scared to look at my archives, drop a few comments (BTW while I won't be posting I will still be able to moderate), and turn the lights off and lock the door when you leave.

Take it easy.