Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Let's try here. Their clothes usually run big." Revisited

Earlier I did a quick post about a pretty painful night of looking for a dress shirt for a friend's wedding. Well now that I've taken my mind off it a bit I'm coming back to be a bit more exact.

You see most of the time when it comes to clothes, fat, body image, and so on most of the people tend to think that stuff only gets into the minds of women. Yeah supposedly people think that men are immune to body image issues (or just being told that mens' body image issues don't matter via the "women have it worse" card, and the attitude that men are just now feeling body image issues pisses me off quite a bit) and while I suppose life would be easier if I were that's not the case.

As I was walking around to all those stores asking if they had so and so size and getting the usual response of no it just felt like a knife was digging a bit deeper each time to go into store after store after store to get the same rejection.

I think the reason people think men don't have troubles with clothes is because of the notion that men have such little care for fashion it doesn't matter what their options are as long as there is something. Think about the way men and fashion are usually depicted on tv. Ever notice that when it comes to male tv/movie characters that go beyond the basics of fashion they are usually small, thin, attractive, and can shop literally anywhere? Yeah.

When I was trying on shirt after shirt after shirt it hurt. To think that I am so misshapen that I simply can't shop anywhere (and what especially burns me is going into a store, seeing a shirt I like, just to see that there are no shirts in my size but there are 50 of them in Large, 35 of which will be on clearance in a month).

Okay I feel a better now. But I'm sure I'll come back to this.


sonja said...

I honestly think it's easier for women than men. We seem to have more shops dedicated to the larger sizes than men get.

For example, I know I can go to my local shops and go to a BeMe (16+ Aussie size). If I go a bit further, to the city centre, there's also City Chic.

For men, the only one I'm aware of is Kingsize Big & Tall.

Danny said...

It does seem that way to me Sonja.