Monday, October 11, 2010

"Let's try here. Their clothes usually run big."

By all that is holy if I ever hear that line again I think I will actually commit physical violence.

Last Thursday I was in a big outlet mall in Orlando, FL (which is why I was out of the office) looking for a shirt to go with my suit for a college friend's wedding.

So I'm in this mall with the best man (also a college friend) searching stores for a shirt and he keeps insisting on dragging me from store to store with promises that "this store sells large sizes" and "that store usually has larger clothes".

After running through this entire mall and hitting the usual suspects (Perry Ellis, Echo, Armani, etc...) we struck I said we would. Needless to say my friend is of standard size and I will need to have sit down with him about the definition of "large sizes".

This is why I've always hated shopping for clothes (and especially shoes). Normal sized people seem to think that large folks like myself share their ability to just waltz into any store and pick up any article of clothing and having it fit perfectly. It does not work like that but my friend, for as much as I love the guy, just didn't seem to get that.

Well in the end (after about 4 hours of searching in this mall) we called it a night and just went to a Casual Male XL shot the next morning (morning of the wedding) and found one in about 10min.

But damn I looked good in that suit once I found that shirt (even had some women stop me and compliment me on it). Now if I could just build up the confidence to actually not hate the idea of having my picture taken...

And with that the shop is officially open again. Bee seeing you.