Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For the guys that could use a body image boost too

Well it would seem that it is Fat Talk Free Week (via Modus Dopens). Not a bad idea I say.

Its a known fact that idea that there is some "correct" body size that people need to be in order to fit in. This idea is responsible for A LOT of body image issues, insecurities, low self esteem, and all sorts of damage. But since that site is pretty much for women/girls only (which is fine by me) I'll get my thinking on right here (and make this a space for discussion about the body image issues that men/boys have).

You see people have a hard time believing that men/boys even have body image issues and it doesn't help that we fight so hard to pretend that we don't so that we can keep on the mask of invulnerability that is masculinity. Day in and day out I get constant comments about how big I am, how tall I am, how big my feet are, how big my hands are, how I can just sit on people instead of fighting them, etc. Even "positive" comments about my size (like random strangers asking what team I play for or saying that I could be a wrestler) don't sit that well with me. That's basically telling you that since you have that particular body then you must engage in certain activities.

These things hurt a log more than than people, even ourselves, want to say they do.

But its not that easy to just stop someone who wants to put their feet in your shoes and stomp around like their Godzilla stepping on buildings (childish I know but I've had grown ass women do this to my shoes nearly as often as small children). And what makes it so hard is that the people who do these thing often either don't realize how offensive they with such comments or the situation leaves you in a tough spot where pointing it leaves you looking like a grouch.

I have to say though despite the nature of the site there are some useful tips. I especially like the fourth one:
Make a pledge to end complaints about your body, such as "I’m so flat-chested" or "I hate my legs." When you catch yourself doing this, make a correction by saying something positive about that body part, such as, "I’m so glad my legs got me through soccer practice today".
I have to admit that I often make disparaging comments about my body, namely my thighs (because cause me so much aggravation when buying pants) and could stand to try this out. And I'm sure I'm not the only one with feelings like this.

So in an effort to make this a place for guys to come in and talk about I invite you to come in and share. What insecurities do you suffer from? What comments haunt your daily routine? Is there some part of your body that often wish you could change?