Sunday, October 31, 2010

Come Traveller, and learn the Secret of the Engelorum

That time is upon us once again.

Namie Amuro - Come
This is used as the seventh opening theme for the anime series Inu Yasha. Yeah I know that sounds odd for it to be the seventh one but bear in mind that unlike American animated shows Japanese anime shows often change opening and ending theme songs every season (sometimes even more frequently than that). Oh and this video actually has the lyrics in it so you can try to sing along if you like.

Adam Strange - Traveller
Coming across nice sounding songs like this is why I do these posts. I had come up with the sentence first and needed a track called Traveller.

Oceanlab - Secret
Been listening to these folks for a short while. Love that vocalist (something about light almost ethereal female vocals that just draw me into a song).

Vernian Process - Engelorum
This song is the main inspiration for coming up with this post title. After reading the few comments there are on that bid I imagine that Engelorum would be some ancient city, tower, temple, or structure of some sort.

Be back in 30!