Monday, September 27, 2010

Yes we would

Tracy Clark-Flory posted a question as part of an article on a woman who was arrested after being caught on video cheering on her 16year old daughter daughter who was fighting another teenage girl. Her question goes:
Would we react differently if the case involved a father and son?
We most certainly would.

Oh the dad would be arrested just the same and people (and I'm betting Flory would be among them) would be holding this story up as proof that boys and men are raised to embrace violence. Well that and while being circulated on Youtube the son would be teased for needing his dad's help in a fight.

Actually now that I think about the fact that along with that violence boys and men are raised to not need help and to have help, especially from a parent, would be humiliating. If this had been a dad cheering on a son that son would get clowned even if he had won the fight.

What she did was wrong but let's not delude ourselves into thinking that fathers/sons are getting a free pass on such behavior.


James Landrith said...

Indeed. I'm so tired of the whining about this woman getting arrested as she deserved. I have yet to see any actual evidence that fathers would not be arrested for the same. You are right, it would be used as evidence that men and boys are just violent thugs at heart.

It is the same thing when a woman gets arrested for rape. Suddenly, you think no man had ever been arrested for rape. The hand-wringing and complaints about any bit of media coverage related to female rapists is just astounding.

Danny said...

Thanks for dropping by James.

Its funny that people who supposedly want equality for all people will go nuts when women get punished for crimes just as men would.