Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Mashup Stage 17

Its that time once again.

Terry Pratchett creates a sword with meteorites: Okay as a fan of fantasy works I deem this to be gangsta.

Get over it already! Helen Mirren STILL mad over 35-year-old television interview with Michael Parkinson: She shouldn't be expected to "get over it". The wounds of sexism run deep in all of us who have felt it.

Wash. woman burned in acid hoax charged with theft: "A prosecutor in the case of a Washington state woman who falsely claimed a stranger had thrown acid in her face says the decision to charge her with theft was an easy one." I can't wait to hear the "Oh but she needs help, not punishment." arguments. Oh and she's only be charged with theft. She didn't file a report of the "crime".

Men edge into women's marathons: ""We're making this race so girly that men won't want any part of it" -- and, of course, plenty of women won't either." Yeah manipulating an environment in order to keep certain people out of it. Sounds familiar...

Why It's Harder For Older Women to Have Healthy Babies: A little breakdown on why women have more difficulty conceiving children later in life.

“Gender Inclusive” Author Calls on UN to Establish Special Rapporteur for Violence Against Men: I linked this because of this part, "Jones also reminds us of the shocking fact that even today, Article 11 of the International Labor Organization’s Convention Concerning Forced or Compulsory Labor allows for adult men between the apparent ages of 19 and 45—and no one else—to be subjected to forced labor."

Local group pushes for all-male school: Now don't go getting your hopes up thinking this is a good opportunity to help boys out. NOW has already declared that such a thing would be sexist. "The National Organization for Women opposes such efforts, saying they "increase sexism and exacerbate feelings of superiority toward women," according to the group's website. But officials of the National Association for Single Sex Public Education support the concept, offering training to teachers so they can provide opportunities that do not exist in coed environments."

First Woman In 5 Years Executed In US Amid Outcry: More proof we live in a post sexist society (yeah that was sarcasm). I find it really odd that the thing that people are getting outraged over isn't her questionable mental capacity or the possible evidence that she really wasn't the mastermind of the murders of her husband and stepson, nah those would make actual sense. No people are flipping the hell out because of her gender. Apparently the "But its a girl!!" defense is grounds for not being executed.

Verizon To Introduce Tiered Pricing Over Next 4-6 Months: Verizon wants to act a fool by ending their unlimited data plans ans switch to tiered pricing.

Aright people take it easy!