Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Mashup Stage 15

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

No, I Will Not Molest Your Kids: A staunch reminder that some people just can't get over the assumption that being a male means I want to molest your kids. "Men, in the general sense, are not a threat to children. In fact I would suggest that men’s increasing absence from childhood activities has caused tangible harm."

Forty-year-old U.S. teacher who had sex with boy of ten is jailed for five years: Still amazes me how women get such nice deals when committing some of the most vile of crimes.

Coastal Restaurant: Parents Must Remove Screaming Kids: "So Brenda Armes has posted signs at Olde Salty restaurant in Carolina Beach that read "screaming children will not be tolerated." She told WECT-TV in Wilmington that the signs have worked by attracting more customers than they turn away."

N.Y. Bride Faked Cancer Diagnosis in Scam to Get Wedding Donations, Husband Says: ???

John Lennon killer Mark David Chapman is denied parole for the sixth time: Okay I know that each time you come up for parole you are interviewed and based on how you perform you are granted or denied parole. However I have to wonder if the reason this man has been denied so many times has more to do with him not performing well or because of who he killed. In other words if Chapman had killed a man who was not famous (meaning he himself would not have become infamous) would he still be in prison after all this time?

Caprica to return to SyFy Oct. 5: I really like this show but I fear all this hand wringing over whether or not it will return for a season two (not to mention going on a 7 month break after only 10 episodes) will spell the end for the Battlestar Galactica spin off.

Race watch on all playground fights: Schools warned after horror attack on white boy: "Henry Webster’s skull was fractured when he was punched, kicked and hit with a claw hammer by a group calling themselves the Asian Invaders. They left him for dead."

Who's Watching the Women?: A reminder of why I don't bother going into feminist spaces to talk about being fat. "That’s why I find it so weird and disconcerting that feminists want to sit around and talk about fat as a problem. You can’t talk about fat separate from bodies. (Well, you could, but a glob of fat in a bowl isn’t a health issue.) Female bodies, in fact. I mean, even when we talk about fat men, it’s about their moobs, like being fat is feminizing them in some terrible way." Yeah its got nothing to do with him being fat, No its all about oppressing women. More of that "women are the real victims of everything" mindset that is so distracting from getting things done.

Iran to free female American for holiday clemency: Iran said Thursday it will free Sarah Shourd, one of three Americans jailed for more than 13 months, as an act of clemency to mark the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Update: It looks like her release has been delayed.

Shaw University introduces first female president: "
The News&Observer of Raleigh reports that Shaw University introduced Irma McClaurin as its new president to faculty and students Thursday morning. Board of Trustees Chairman Willie Gary announced the selection in a Sept. 6 letter to board members."

AXE 'reviewing' T.I. promotions: Oh they don't mind insulting the entire male race but having a possible felon in their ads is just a no no.

Wow. And then they had the nerve to tell her she had to continue.