Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekly Mashup Stage 14

I don't have a lot this week because a hurricane by the name of Earl tried to roll up on me a few nights ago. Share 'em if ya got 'em!

Should 14-Year-Old Kendall Jenner Be Doing a Bikini Shoot? : The point isn't that a 14-year-old is wearing a bikini. That happens. Girls will be girls. The point is that adults (Jenner recently signed with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency) conceived and approved a sexy, skin-sational photo shoot with a 14-year-old girl; and that other adults -- including her parents -- thought it okay.

Domestic Disturbance: "You did cross a line when you struck your wife, but it's in your power to know that when you die, you will have been a man who did such a shameful thing only one time." Apparently hitting back after getting hit multiple times is "shameful" and is on par with men who initiate violence against women.

Slashing jobs pays off ... if you're sitting in the executive suite: It looks like people are finally realizing what us common folk have known all along. The people at the top actually benefit from firing the people at the bottom.

Spain breaks up male-sex trafficking ring: Toy Soldier talks about the recent breakup of a ring in Spain that trafficked male sex workers.

US Commerce Secretary Sides With RIAA: Warns ISPs To Become Entertainment Industry Cops: And there it is. Dear ISPs: become copyright cops. Even though the RIAA admits that it's impossible for them to combat such infringement, we feel that you should magically know how to do so, even though you have no way to know what is infringing and what is not.

U.S. court backs 'Ladies Night' promotions: Personally I think Ladies Nights are a dirty deal on both sides. Women are used as bait and men are used as walking wallets. I don't think they should be banned but I sure as hell would never set foot in one.

Palin's 'impotent' comments make rounds: I know she wasn't the best friend of women but this really doesn't help her cause either.

'Hey pretty girl': Woman severely burned after acid-like liquid thrown into her face tells of horror attack by total stranger: Bethany Storro was about to walk into a Starbucks cafe when a female approached her out of the blue and asked, 'Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?'.

Fat Chance!: "I was trolled and belittled by the Fat Patrol in this thread, and subsequently very dramatically de-linked by a whole bunch of "feminists" in short order (that old phrase "herd of independent minds" just popped into my head, for some reason). So, I guess I can say whatever I like now."

Floyd Mayweather/Reverse Racism: "If it were real then Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and every other civil rights activist would have came out the woodwork to defend Floyd Mayweather. Lord forbid someone of a different race say something stereotypical or racist about black people. But it seems as if black people get a free pass and are "allowed" to say whatever racist remark they want without any repercussion."

Oh I imagine there are plenty of fireworks going on over this song. Yeah depending on where you haunt its absolutely wrong to point out the fact that some women are indeed gold diggers (and yet those same people will tell a guy he only has himself to blame when he gets got by one and find no fault on the part of the woman that got him). When it comes to relationships and unfairness that shit is coming from both sides. I hate to see the back and forth arguing but at the same time I'm sure a lot of it is posturing or speaking from old wounds.

I'm out!


Paul said...

That "Domestic Disturbance" lette... i don't even know what to say about it. I just don't.

I did see that one commenter said abusive wives were "very rare" wonders how true this would be if women and men were held to the same standard of what's considered "abusive" because, as it seems now... a man has to have a broken bone (at the least) and a woman just has to claim she feels afraid.

Dave said...

Looks like there's already been a copycat acid attack:

You've got to admire the bravery that both of the victims have displayed in coping with this.

elementary_watson said...

That commenter (I take it you mean Stephanie Michelle) really had me angry: Shocked that people are "validating" the "abuser" (the husband) who hit *back*, she does her darnedest to validate the apparently abusive wife who fucking initiated the violence (and probably the fight, too).

And if she sees a man describing behaviour of his wife which some might say was emotionally abusive (even if the man doesn't call it this himself) as a red flag that the *man* is probably an abuser ... Yeah, it becomes obvious why in her world abusive women are extremely rare ...

Damn, that made me angry; am now going to read ten times the feminist who agreed that male circumcision is a barbaric practice while letting the comparison to female genital mutilation slip by, to cheer me up again ...

Sonja said...

In the "No shit, Sherlock!" category:

"Birth of a baby too often kills parental career"

Danny said...

At first I was gonna ask about the "No shit, Sherlock!" remark and then I read this:While at first glance these issues might appear to affect women more than men, they are not simply a matter of unbridled gender discrimination. Rather, they are indicative of old-fashioned structures which assume that the ideal worker is one who is willing and able to sacrifice everything on the altar of their career.

Yeah no shit indeed.

Danny said...

Those are just plain brutal attacks. You have to be a sick individual to so some shit like that.

Sonja said...

Even if it were limited to women who drop out of the workforce to have kids, it's still a [insert massive amounts of sarcasm in here] "No??? Really?! I never would have known if you hadn't told me!" [remove sarcasm here] type of thing.