Thursday, September 23, 2010

Theater Thursday: Huge episodes 9 & 10 "Parent's Weekend"

I've been totally off my game the last few weeks when is why the Theater Thursday rotation is off. "Parent's Weekend" is the two part season finale. (If you want to play a bit of catch up firstmy posts on the previous episodes.) Let's do it.

Part 1

It's Parent's Weekend. As the name implies this is a weekend in which the kids' parents come to visit Camp Victory. Just before they arrive two big things come up during a discussion circle. First its revealed that Piznarski's first name is Dante. Second it is finally publicly said that Chloe and Alistair are twins.

The two sets of parents that really interested me were Trent's and Alistair's.

As we've seen this season Trent seemed to be a simple minded athlete that only cared about girls and sports. Well it looks like his dad may be a part of why he seems to be that way. When they first get there his dad sees that he Trent is looking in the direction of Amber and Chloe. The dad asks if he is into one of them and before he can really answer the dad just assumes he's into Amber. Pretty messed up I know. Although with the way he was ignoring Chloe I'm not sure.

And that seems to be a representation of the relationship those two have. The dad (and possibly the mom) seem to put pressure on him to be something he does not want to be.

Things started kinda weird for Alistair. First off his parents pretty much migrated to Chloe. I think his parents don't like the fact that he is not going by the script that's been written out for what boys/men are supposed to do. He doesn't play sports, he does yoga, and he knits. But it gave Alistair and Becca (who seems to be distancing herself from Will) time to hang out. Gotta say they seem to make a cute couple.

Alistair's family (with Becca joining them) meet Trent and his parents at the same restaurant. They decided to share a table. Athena and Becca seemed to be be getting along nicely (he mother says so as well) while Chloe and Trent really weren't on the same page.

By the end of the first part things are pretty weird. But I think the hardest part was that Ian found out that his parents have been to therapy and have decided to get a divorce.

Part two starts with Will and Amber out in the woods trying (and failing) to find and dig up the stash of snacks Will was selling back in the first episode.

At the start of the second day we see that Ian is still taking his parent's divorce pretty hard and seems to be leaning on Will for support. Dante tried to start talking to Alistair and get past what he did to him. Alistair seemed to have gotten passed it. But he won't let him call him Athena.

Trent's dad still thinks that Amber is his girlfriend and its obvious Trent has a hard time standing up to his dad and setting him straight.

Ian's dad started flirting with Amber's mom. I know they had agreed on a divorce but to start messing with other people right there at camp in full view of Ian and his mom? That's just cold.

After playing song with Ian and Will Trent finally got up the courage to show his affection for Chloe in front of his parents. I'm wondering if the basis of him not saying something sooner was race.

Ian finally got a chance to tell Amber how he feels about her. And I'm so glad he did. All season long he has been pining over her to Will. I totally understand him being scared to say something but as I say I'm glad he spoke up.

You know I have to say that for a season finale it really didn't feel like one but all in all I really hope the show comes back next summer.