Monday, September 6, 2010

As if I needed another reason to not like Axe products

Okay I've mentioned before how I can't stand Axe products. Well after their "Unless you're using Axe you're just a dirty pig no woman wants to get with you." message they see to have taken up a "Axe is the only thing that can clean your balls so women will want to get with you." message.

While I've never gotten with a woman before I can say for sure that a bar of soap does indeed sufficiently clean one's testicles. Once again the forces at work behind this ad are depending on using the notion that men will do anything for the nookie to sale their inferior product.

I mean what if you're not into the conventionally attractive women that are in those ads? Hell what you're not into women at all? Oh and let's not forget that by only marketing to those of us with testicles they are missing out on a LOT of potential customers. This line of advertising pretty much fails all around. But its not like the product is that great to start with...