Friday, September 10, 2010

About that Quran Burning on 9-11

A buddy of mine summed my feelings up on the issue pretty nicely.

Dear Reverend Terry Jones,
What are you thinking in burning the Quran? I understand that you are not Muslim and the book has no value to you, but it is still a book of worship. How would you feel if someone said they are going to burn the bible? The fact that you are essentially lighting a fire not only to those boo...ks, but lighting a fire under every Muslim in the world is dangerous.

Lighting that fire is not only dangerous but highly disrespectful. I understand being angry about the events that happened Sept. 11, 2001 but this is entirely misdirected. It was not as if the terrorists that attacked that day were acting in the name the entire Islamic world.

Over the years countless people have committed extreme acts of violence in the name of God and Bible. Does that mean that those who survived (or the surviving families of those who died) should burn bibles in response? Of course not because those that did those things may say they were acting in the name of God and Bible but that does not mean that they actually represented the entire Christian world.

I personally don't care much for organized religion of any kind but I do respect it enough to know that this burning is not the way to express the feelings from that day.

Its my understanding that Jones has called off the burning and is instead trying to arrange a meeting with imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Even if Jones wants to stop the construction of an Islamic culture center near ground zero at least he is trying to talk things out rather than using a gesture of anti-Islamic hatred and disrespect.