Monday, August 23, 2010

Well at least they are down overall...

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released is preliminary reports for workplace deaths for 2009 and it shows that they are at its lowest levels in over 10 years. In fact if you look at the first page of that report you will see that workplace deaths have been on a somewhat constant decline since 2006. That is good news don't get me wrong. But I'm gonna take a moment to talk about something that most of the places that are bringing this report up are not mentioning.

The vast majority of workplace deaths are still comprised of men.

If you look at page 10 of that report you'll see that even though men worked 56% of the hours worked in 2009 93% of workplace deaths were of men.

Maybe its a matter of people just being so used to men doing the majority of the dangerous work that their gender just doesn't matter anymore. Maybe that's why when you see workplace accidents like the miners that are currently trapped in a gold/copper in Chile all you see is "workers", "miners", "employees", but never mention of gender. I hope those guys pull through just fine.