Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly Mashup Stage 13

Have anything interesting to share?

Recording Industry Using Net Neutrality Debate To Try To Link Child Porn With Copyright Infringement Again: It takes a special kind of scum to try to invoke child porn in order get special protections for your outdated business model. Copyright infringement is nowhere near the same caliber of crime as child porn.

Fat Stigma: We know it exists, but what do we do about it?: Dr Samantha Thomas is asking the simple question of how to deal with fat stigma. Personally I agree with one of the commenters that the medial community will have a central role in this. Think about it. Whenever someone engages in fat stigma what's the one thing they will almost go for? That's right they will almost without fail talk about how "unhealthy" someone's size is.

Tiger cub found among stuffed toys in Bangkok luggage: That woman and the people she was in league with (or maybe in league with, she might have been solo) should be ashamed of herself.

New research into domestic abuse against trans people: "So the publication of any new research is to be applauded, even though it’s more likely to confirm what many trans people already know to be depressingly true, anecdotally if not from personal experience, namely that the levels of domestic abuse and violence we face are alarmingly and unacceptably high."

100-km Chinese traffic jam enters Day 9: Damn. That's all I have to say. Damn.

Star Wars Yoga: Balance with The Force, you will achieve.

Protein that destroys HIV discovered: A possible breakthrough in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

The New Game Industry is not being harmed by the Used Game Market: A breakdown on why the game industry needs to quit complaining about the used game market. The game industry is not being cheated when gamers purchase used games.

Faking a pregnancy?: That's pretty rough. But I'm sure someone somewhere is already declaring that the woman was the victim all along.

Sexuality:Looks like I'm not the only person of question sexuality.

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