Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Mashup Stage 12

Its the end of week and you know what that means.

Singer in Germany's top girl band facing jail as she admits having sex with men without telling them she had HIV: "A singer in a girl band is facing the threat of a long jail term for having unprotected sex with several men without telling them she was HIV positive."

Why are some pharmaceuticals so expensive?: Brian Palmer of takes a few minutes to go into why some pills end up costing consumers so much money. (Hint: Its not all about the cost of R&D.)

Aarti Paarti: Food blogger Aarti Sequeira is the winner of recent "Next Food Network Star" competition.

Anti-Dad Backlash to Court Rulings Begins in Germany: Robert Franklin reminds us that parenting rights for dads are not going to come as easily as they should. Did you know that in Germany in an unmarried couple the father had to apply for his parental rights and it was solely up to the mother to allow him to exercise them?

Mom Suing After Wet T-Shirt Leads to Arrest at Fla. Splash Park: Its all around jacked up story but this should raise eyebrows. "Marks said he is also concerned about the city's alleged refusal to disclose information on the database into which the officer allegedly said she wanted to put his client's name."

Russian Tycoon Orders Workers to Find God or Get Fired: "A Russian tycoon has told 6,000 workers at his private dairy company that they'll be fired if they've ever had an abortion, or if those who are "living in sin" don't get married within two months."

Century-Old Scotch Now Off The Rocks In Antarctica: It sucks that its going to be locked away in a museum. I don't even like scotch but I'll bet that shit is off the chain.

Navy Man Claims Aviator Call Signs Get Too Personal: So it took the introduction of minorities and women for people to finally realize that call signs might just be a little offensive? I suppose I'll just have to chalk this up to "Better late then never.".

What Drives A Mom To Kill?: Personally I think we would all be better off we as a society would get over this belief that the capacity to bear children somehow makes women immune to killing their own children.

Russian Scholar Warns Of US Climate Change Weapon: I have to.
Bond: You expect me to talk?
Dr. No.: No Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.

CDC: US Circumcision Rate Has Plunged to 33%: So if what some say is true (that circumcision reduces the risk of STDs/STIs) then there should be an increase in STD/STI rates about 15-18 years from now right? I'm not proposing those boys be used as a test case I'm just asking a question following the logic of people who insist that boys should be circumcised as a way to prevent those things.

Saudi criminal faces having spinal cord severed after paralysing victim with meat cleaver: Dem cats is gangsta over.

Sympathy Grifting: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Fraud: The folks at Racialicious talk about how the right combination of race and gender can garner sympathy...and how some will take full advantage of it.

Yeah. Whoever built this must have Win for their last name.

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