Thursday, August 26, 2010

Theater Thursday: Huge Episode 6: Spirit Quest

Okay as you may have noticed I've gotten WAY behind on my blogging of Huge and how the guys are doing. By my calculation the season finale should be airing next week and I have four episodes built up. So what I'm going to do is take the next four days going over the previous four episodes as a little refresh for (what I calculate to be) the season finale on Monday. First up episode 6, Spirit Quest.

This episode involved the kids being taken out on a spirit quest led by George (as a last minute replacement for Shay who leaves on family business). There's hinting that he was offered the lead role because one of his grandfathers is Native American. Given how this comes up a few more times I kinda think there was some "Oh he's got Indian in him. He'll know how to do it right."

Early on Trent asks Ian to join him for a game of frisbee, which he declines. You know I wonder if Trent is just trying to be friends with Ian or if something else is at work.

Regardless of how he ended up leading the quest this ended up being a bit of a George episode. At first he and Poppy seemed to be at each other's throats with how to run the show. He let them pick their own partners. She overrides and mixes them up at random. He was ready to call it a night. She overrides and forms a circle (complete with Talking Stick) and prompts a moment of reflection. There is a definite sense of George seeming like he just wants to get through it while Poppy wants to actually have a quest (she once attended the camp and did a quest).

After waking up Poppy brings up the idea of having the kids name themselves. Alistair (who partnered with Trent and was looking at him as he got dressed, more hint of a possible crush) renames himself Athena. While collecting firewood he and Trent find a shroom, okay Alastair leaves on out and Trent "finds" it. Yeah Trent eats it. Later that night two things happen as they talk. Alastair explains to Trent that it shouldn't matter what name he picks (you hear that male gender role?). Trent also learns that Chloe is indeed Alastair's twin sister. You know I'm really starting to think there is more to Trent that just the big dumb jock thing. No wonder Athena might have a bit of a crush on him.

During the day Amber and Will get lost and separate. George manages to find Amber first and they kiss (yeah this relationship is all kinds of inappropriate). Next he finds Will and they return to the others.

All in all George seems to have found a bit of confidence (although he's really playing with fire by smooching with Amber) and Trent not only respects Alastair's new name but actually calls him by it. Good stuff.

I'll be touching on episode 7 tomorrow.