Sunday, August 29, 2010

Theater Thursday Extended: Huge Episode 7 & 8 "Poker Face" and "Birthdays"

Okay I was a bit under the weather these last few days (the tooth again, I'm just holding out til my dentist appointment this coming Thursday) so I fell off on my review of the last few episodes of Huge before the finale. Here's what happened to the boys in episodes 7 & 8.

Episode 7 "Poker Face"

At the start off with Will ready to fuck a bug the fuck up before Becca gets her to toss it outside.

George gets his props from Rand on the leading the spirit quest and Shay returned from handling her family business (her daughter had meningitis). Amber comes to his cabin at night and he sends her away. Maybe its hit him that they should not be messing around...or maybe not because at the end of the episode he meets Amber out in the woods one night and they kiss. He fesses up to Rand about Amber and Will getting lost.

Piznarski gets right into messing with Shay (which costs everyone 50 situps during morning exercise). On a trail run he rags on her again, and she does not take it kindly. She kinda goes drill sergeant on him. At the end of the episode he sees Shay ending a phone call and then start crying. And I think he has a crush on Chloe

Ian keeps going on and on about Amber to Becca and Will. Its one thing to like someone but its quite another when it gets to the point where you're bugging other people about your crush. Rand's dad decided it would be a good idea to teach the kids to play poker (with elbow noodles as money). And he gets mad points for using the word Jewbacca (in reference to his hair). I wonder if he realizes that Will seems to kinda have a things for him.

I really like Alistair. He seems to have grown to like having Trent call him Athena.

Trent opened up a bit during one of their sharing circle sessions. He shares that he feels like by being at that camp he is under pressure to come back a different person. Which seems to be a common sentiment among other campers.

Episode 8 "Birthdays"

George continues to do inappropriate things with Amber.

I don't think I like Chloe. Its one thing to not like siblings but to not even acknowledge your twin, that's just horrible. Trent drops it on George that it is Alistair's birthday (mind you Chloe is planning a birthday party of her own). He strikes up a conversation with Chloe asking about how she celebrates her birthdays but gets interrupted. The guys give him a birthday card to celebrate. During the following conversation he lets loose the quote of the episode by Alistair: "I hate when someone gets you a present that just shows they don't know the first thing about you. Its like they bought a present for the person they wish you were."

A bit later Trent asks Chloe about how she celebrates her birthdays and she point blank asks if he told him. I think it bothers Trent to some degree that Chloe doesn't acknowledge her brother. And she didn't even invite him to her birthday party.

But considering how things went it might be better that he wasn't there.

At one point at Chloe's party in a game of Truth or Dare Piznarski dares Amber to kiss Chloe. Okay it looks like Piz is wrapped up in that whole "girls kissing iz teh hawtness" thing. Honestly I've never really gotten that (must a part of that who Male Gaze thing who knows). Well turn about is fair play when Amber dares him back to kiss a guy. Start the roll downhill. Amber runs off to barf (Amber stole some alcohol from Poppy to bring to the party). After a few minutes of pitching a fit (and Trent to take one for the team) they decide that Piz should go kiss Alistair. Trent stays behind to wait for Chloe to return and Ian walks Amber back to her cabin.

Ian gets Amber back to the cabin just in time to stop Will from going to meet Becca to work on runes (and instead spend the night nursing Amber's drunk ass and letting her know she knows about her and George).

Piz gets Alistair alone, chats for a bit (even talking about sexuality), and then kisses him. Chloe and Trent get there just in time to see the aftermath. I take it from her reaction to Piz (she pretty much blows up on him) that she does care about her brother at least somewhat. And somehow Ian ended up meeting Becca to work on runes.

And who knew that Rand was dating one guy while casually fucking another.

In the end Piz lost mad points in my book for what he did to Alistair. Not only because of what he did but later on Alistair tells Ian that that was his first kiss. I have to say that if my first kiss was taken over some dumbass dare I'd be highly pissed as well. Definitely a jerk move on Piz's part.

Well that's where we stand after episodes 7 & 8.