Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yeah technology is just amazing. According to this post at io9 a company has developed a gel called Nexagon that interacts with the bodies cells to speed up the healing process.
Unlike an antibiotic cream, which promotes healing by preventing infection, Nexagon is actually speeding up your body's healing process. Or, in the case of ulcers, it's jumpstarting a healing process that's failed to start. Doctors have been testing Nexagon on people with chronic ulcers on their legs, which are wounds that essentially never heal or take at least six months to do so. After just four weeks, some patients reported they were completely healed up.
That's just wild. I remember barely 10 years ago reading scifi novels about where compounds like this would be applied to injuries and cut recovery time to days instead of the weeks it would take in the real world. I supposed the real world is catching up to science fiction.

Of course that's when the dark side of science fiction pops into my head and I imagine this stuff turning people into either crazed killers or zombies.