Monday, August 30, 2010

Sorrowful Kids Struggle in the Misty City

I've been watching a lot of anime lately and have just hit a bit a bit of a nostalgic streak. Ah memories.

Zillion: Burning Night - NAGEKI NO KIDS ("Sorrowful Kids")
This is from an OVA (original video animation) based on the anime series Zillion. Pretty basic plot nothing special. But its among the first anime titles I ever saw so it holds a place in my heart.

Robot Carnival - Struggle
Robot Carnival is an anthology project done by multiple animators (kinda like Animatrix) and directors all set around this old traveling carnival that's inhabited by robots. Its a series of aimed short from different people but to me the music is better than the anime itself. This track Struggle is one of my favorites.

Old Dominion Tank Police - Misty City
Ah an old classic. The Tank Police are just that. A police unit that uses tanks. Why you ask? Because in this crime drama/action title set in the not too distant future crime is so bad the police needed tanks to fight back (and the chief of police actually says that tactical nukes aren't such a bad idea either). But more importantly this anime introduced me to one of the first kickass women I'd ever seen in anime, Leona Ozaki.

Be back with the next song title link in a few weeks.