Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pepsi Refrseh Project

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(Fro tip to TS)

This video is about domestic violence. Tread carefully.

I saw this over at TS's place a few nights ago and I have to say that it was shocking. And I think it shocking because a type of DV that is not talked about that much.

The Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women has entered the Pepsi Refresh Project campaign for a grant for $250,000. Its campaign based on a voting system in which the cause that gets the most votes will get the grant.

These folks are trying to do a lot of good but as well all know going good is not not always free. Go take a look and see what they would do with those funds.
How will the 250K be Used?
$ 150,000 Printing of approx.125,000 posters, booklets, brochures, & placards
$ 50,000 Purchase of 7500 large envelopes and postage
$ 20,000 Stipends for project dir., project coord's and their assistants
$ 25,000 Funds for victim services- more public awareness=more helpline callers
$ 5,000 database programs and expenses

These folks could really use your vote, your family's votes, your friends votes, and any other votes that come their way.


Anonymous said...

Wow... I unfortunately have a LOT of shame regarding this topic, and I'm risking a lot by putting myself out there, and I hope men don't get angry with me... I once or twice have lashed out physically at my husband, and left some horrible marks on him...It's something I did that was incredibly wrong, something I will have to live with for the rest of my life, the shame even got to a point where my husband abused me, and I just let him because I thought I deserved it, his was much less severe though, and in that odd moment of mercy I realized the absolute horror he had of being unable to do anything about it. I'm not advocating that everyone go beat on another, I'm saying if mercy starts in an emotional state it will never become physical. I really feel an incredible amount of sympathy for any human being suffering at the hands of another...physical or otherwise.

Danny said...

Thanks for sharing your story. As far as I'm concerned while I don't like the fact that you and your husband abused each other I think most of the anger that comes up when talking about abuse is when people see that their own experiences are being ignored or when coming across people think that abusing someone is okay or even justified.

By your words I get the feeling that you see the violence in your relation was wrong on both sides.