Friday, August 13, 2010

"Mysterious Lump"?

I'm sorry but this post is pretty much hilarious to me.

Before editing
After editing

Edit: You can view the images through the link but I'll put them up here as well. Click on the thumbnail for a closer look.

Personally having worn pants for pretty much all my life and having a penis of my own I highly doubt that is a fold in the fabric. I'm finding it hard to believe that even with his weight shifted like he has in that pose that type of wrinkle would result. If the pants were too big for him I still doubt that type of wrinkle would come up.

My money says the guy was wearing boxer (or perhaps nothing) and the penis decided it just had to get into the shot as well.

But at the same time I do have one wonder. If that is his penis judging by where the wrinkle ends this pretty much has to mean that he has a fairly long torso and his pants are hiked up above his waist.

But really I just found this funny because they called it a "mysterious lump".


womanistmusings said...

Without an image it is pretty hard to know what you are talking about on this one.

Danny said...

Oh sorry about that. The link to HuffPo has the actual images. I was in a bit of a rush to post this up because I'm working on a longer post right now while its still fresh in mind.