Monday, August 23, 2010

I see people are shocked again...

As we saw with Melissa Huckaby last year in the death of Sandra Cantu people are just shocked to hear that a woman, much less a mother, can kill. And it looks like we are about to "shocked" again.

See the title of this article? "S.C. town wonders: Why did two little boys have to die?"

Okay I'm not trying to swing the pendulum in the opposite direction but I'm really starting to get bored of how people just can't seem to deal with the idea of a woman killing children much less her own while firing up the electric chair when a man so much as looks at a child wrong.

Given that this is just happened recently its too early to try to flatly say whether Shaquan Duley killed those boys. Its possible there is something that will show she's innocent for all we know. But by all that is holy I wish people would give up the "But she's a girl!" defense.