Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekly Mashup Stage 9

You know the drill people. I don't have enough time during the week to read much less post on everything I see so I put it here to share.

Australia's PM candidates make way for cooking contest but bump Kylie: "The politicians didn't want to go up against the cooking showdown, Australia's most popular program, so they started their debate an hour earlier than tradition dictates." Wow for a political debate to get bumped is just gangsta.

Even If You Know About The Gorilla, You Might Not Catch The Unexpected: These are some pretty interesting tests. They test your ability to pay attention to entire situation even when told to focus on something specific. You should really check them out.

Woman Removed From Plane to Make Room for Overweight Teen: Okay while I think its totally unfair for a fat person to get tossed off a flight at the same time I really don't really feel right about a smaller person getting tossed off a flight to make room for a larger person. I would be one thing if the woman was simply not allowed to take her flight but its quite another to have gotten on board and taken a seat just to be told to get off. That's cold.

An Open Letter to Sgt. Art Eld, Orlando Police Department by Paul Elam: "Perhaps you should consider that is not the public at large, or the average police officer, or even the unfortunate victim of a real rape that pays the price for false allegations. It is innocent men- men who have done nothing wrong, that bear the brunt of these easily accepted and usually unpunished lies, in the most horrific way possible."

Court Upholds Expulsion of Counseling Student Who Opposes Homosexuality: On one hand I think it terrible to get fired over one's religious beliefs. But on the other if said religious beliefs lead to you not doing your job...

The homeless brother I cannot save: Ashley Womble tells her story about her paranoid schizophrenic brother.

Woman charged in France over babies' bodies: "A woman has been charged over the discovery of the bodies of eight newborn babies at two locations in northern France, the French Interior Ministry said Thursday." That's just brutal.

Growing joint with stem cells possible, study says: "In a new study in the Lancet, researchers from Columbia University Medical Center, the University of Missouri and Clemson University showed that they had regenerated limb joints of rabbits using the animals' own stem cells." This could spell relief for people who suffer severe joint pain and those who have to have joints replaced.

Sixty years after rejection, college grants degree: The story of Mary Jean Price, a woman denied admission to Southwestern Missouri State College because of her race.

I think that's enough to share this week.