Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekly Mashup Stage 7

Alright I'm going start trying to build my Weekly Mashups over the course of the week instead of trying to refind all the links on the weekend.

Another step closer to future soldier technology: It would seem there are those working on a pair of briefs that can not only monitor the life signs of the wear but also have the ability to administer emergency aid on the fly. Some ole Metal Call of Honor Rainbow Filter type shit going on (mad points if you get those references).

It's Not Very Effective: It would seem that snake bit attacks are not very effective against denim type pants. Good advice for those on their journey to become a pokemon master....oh....I mean good advice for those on hiking trips.

Copyright? We don't need no stinking copyright: A post up at Techdirt about how the cooking industry has manage to no just survive but actively thrive despite not being bogged down in copyright red tape. The movie and music industries could really stand to take notes here.

BBC Radio 5 planning a "Men's Hour" miniseries: Starting July 18 BBC Radio will begin airing a multi-part miniseries focusing on men. Let's hope they bring some valuable stuff to the table.

A year without sex: Author Hephzibah Anderson tells explains why she stayed out of the sack for a year and wrote a book about it. (vid clip)

How To Make An Annoying, Painfully Trendy T-Shirt Design: Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog gives a very funny but surprisingly accurate tutorial on how to make a "hip" t-shirt.

Star Spangled Panties: A funny response to the modern makeover of Wonder Woman's costume.

School appoints two Head Girls as boys fail to make the grade: My question is what does this school plan to do to get the boys up to snuff so that this doesn't happen again.

The foolish feminist: Be careful who you call a misogynist, you misandrist: Something has me mildly riled up, a ridiculous little scandal involving the silliest accusations of sexism and secretions. So permit me today a slight diversion from the usual. If you’ve ever wondered why some feminists have earned themselves such a bad name, and are at all curious about how some intriguing new experimental research demonstrates that this negative view of feminism is more than just my personal opinion and in fact runs very deep in the modern psyche, then read on.

Bulletin Board: Toy Soldier's version of a weekly mashup (from which I got that last link to Scientific American).