Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Two points for Scotland

Last week I came across two interesting things going on in Scotland. It looks like folks there are trying to bring some exposure to serious issues, rape and DV. Let's take a look.

First there was this piece at Men's News Daily talking about the Scottish Parliament bringing the issue of DV against men to the floor for debate.

This is a big deal because for the most part people have been led to think that domestic violence is "something that men do to women". That's not the case. However the discourse and funding for victims seems to abide by that exact myth. It's good to see that someone is starting to think about and do something about this.

Yet it looks like Labour's Johann Lamont seems dead set on pushing the idea that its okay to talk about and doing something about helping male victims of domestic violence...as long as we always bear in mind that it happens to women more. This is the exact attitude that supporters of male victims are up against. I understand her desire to get to and address the why, I'm big on the why, but it sounds like (I'm talking about the video link to BBC below) she really only wants a gendered analysis of male perpetrators and female victims. The usual smokescreen of, "I mean yeah violence against men is bad but but but but women are the real victims!!!!"

In other words its a good start but it will be a long uphill battle to help male victims of violence when facing attitudes like that.

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Next over at The Curvature there is word of an ad (Cara has a transcript of the ad on her post) making rounds. The organization Rape Crisis Scotland has launched at "Not Ever" (as in "When do rape victims asked to be raped?") Campaign to raise awareness about rape. Well not about rape in general but the specific idea that women who are raped are asking for it when they dress a certain way.

Yes there is the idea that depending on how a woman dress she is asking to get raped. Bullshit. No victim asks to be sexually violated by a rapist. No victim asks to have their world shook to its very core by being violated in one of the worst ways possible. Cops. Firefighters. Doctors. Those are types people who dress a certain way to indicate who they are. Rape victims don't do that.

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These are two things that really need to make rounds around the world.