Thursday, July 1, 2010

Theater Thursday: Huge

No need for the usual spoiler unless you have not seen the first episode of Huge that came on this past Monday night.

Earlier this week the premiere episode of Huge aired. The series takes place at a summer fat camp called Victory (yes totally loaded title for a camp meant to get you to change by enforcing the idea that being fat is bad) where teens are sent in order lose weight.

I don't feel like going into a synopsis so go check this one out then come back.

My opinion on this show so far comes down to one thing.

Addressing the lives of fat people actually means addressing the lives of fat girls and fat boys are just scenery.

In this first episode the only fat guy we even get the name of is Ian. Granted it looks like he will get some development as the series goes on but so far the first glimpse seems to be "I'm fat and therefore I'm afraid to talk to girls" (because we all know that interaction with girls/women is the only thing fat guys are insecure about).

Really not a whole lot more to say since its only the first episode and things are getting underway. But hopefully the show will take a deeper look into fat and how it affects people.

Take it easy.