Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Theater Thursday: Huge Episodes 4 & 5 "Talent Night" and "Movie Night"

Its Theater Thursday so you know the rules. More than likely whatever I talk about in this post will more than likely have spoilers in it. Tread accordingly.

For some odd reason the spirits of entertainment allowed me to forget to watch episode four when it originally aired last Monday. Thankfully the episode re-aired this past Monday so I watched 4 and 5 together. Here goes.

Episode 4 "Talent Night"

I have to say that overall the guys did not fare too well in this episode.

Trent, who really hasn't come up much since that heart felt letter from episode two, seems to be cementing his role as the stereotypical jock that bullies people. Damn shame because I had hopes for him. This week he tried to convince Ian to help him with his talent, and rudely brushed off Alistair during the conversation. And when he's not swooning over Chlow he's playing sports and exercising.

Speaking of dear Alastair I think we got a clue to another secret of his. This episode was centered around a talent show and while Alastair was on stage with a magic show turned comedic standup he got distracted. What distracted? Seeing Trent put on makeup for his routine (Trent's routine was a skit of one of those elimination dating shows). Another piece of the puzzle of Alastair may be revealed soon.

Ian's stock plummeted big time. Early on in the episode Will lost her journal. Turns out she left it in the laundry room where Ian found it. In an attempt to figure out whose it was he read the first page of it. Well he then goes further and uses a poem from that first page as a song that he performs at the talent show that night. Later that night Will made it very apparent that what he did was not nice and he has lost a lot of cool points. I wonder if she'll forgive him.

Also Becca once again won the episode by dancing to "Baby Got Back". In fact I liked that sequence more than Will's faux striptease back in episode one. Will was trying to be the rebellious teen and show while Becca had to play along with a lie she told Shay earlier in the episode. Now That's what I call bold. Oh and the guy who sung was gangsta. Damn shame I don't know his name. Shay thinks that Rand's dad is using grease, butter, fat, and other unhealthy ingredients in his cooking because apparently its the only way it can taste good. Dr. Rand might be having a bit of love connection with a land surveyor that came by to measure the borders of Camp Victory. And also she was at some sort of therapy session. I think its pretty apparent that she is not as together as she pretends to be.

More drama and suspicion all around.

Episode 5 "Movie Night"
Dr. Rand has announced that there will be a Movie Night coming up soon and she gives the list of movies to pick from and the one with the most votes will be the one. She tells of an incident during last year's Movie Night where two people tried to snuggle into a single sleeping bag and make out (she brings this up with her counselors about the "no sleeping bags" rule during a briefing).

As for the other kids it looks like Ian is trying to make things up with Will by telling her he still wants to be her friend (well he says he wants to write music with her but you know....). And it looks like Will herself may have realized that he either only read the first page like he said or he read more and was not phazed by it. I just wonder if Becca will ever fess up to reading some of it herself...

I'm starting to wonder about Trent. He and Ian skipped out on the Movie Night. Thing is though Trent didn't skip out until he found out Ian was skipping out. Interesting (or maybe he is just a little envious of Ian's musical talents). It would seem that Chloe has no problem talking to Alastair when she needs him for something. She pulls him aside during the movie to ask of Trent's whereabouts.

Yeah Rand and the Land Surveyor (I totally missed his name) seem to be hitting off. He reveals that he is divorced and shares custody of a daughter Audry. I get the feeling Land Surveyor will be around for a while.

On other thing I noticed about this Movie Night. George went out of his way to remind the guys that they need to be mindful of what they do and how far they go with any of the girls. Now while I totally agree that they need to be responsible I can't help but wonder why no one was saying anything to the girls that were talking about adjusting their wardrobe to accommodate touching. And they were talking about who they were going to sit with. Teen feelings don't discriminate by gender.

All in all its still worth watching. I can't believe I'm caught up watching a teenage drama. But I watch Pretty Little Liars too so...