Saturday, July 24, 2010

Project PC: Stage 1 - Motherboard

Earlier this year as one of my New Year's resolutions I decided that I would get around to doing something I need to do once in my life. Build a pc from scratch. You see given that I work in IT I think that one building a pc is a right of passage. Doing the research. Finding the parts. Going through the inevitable pains of trial and error during construction. I know that at the end of the process i will have a brand spanking new pc that I can proclaim in a loud voice to the heavens, "I built this pc all by myself!!!". That's the thrill I want. That's the thrill I need.

First things first. You know the phase, "All roads lead to Rome."? In computer terms Rome is the motherboard. All other devices in your pc will connect to this. In an effort to keep the cost as low as possible I managed to pick this up at for about $85. Not bad for a crucial computer part eh?

Here's some thumbnail pics of the motherboard and motherboard box (you can click on them for larger views):

IMG_1584 IMG_1589

This is just the start. There are still several parts to be obtained before the construction process begins. See ya later!


Sonja said...

Been there, done that a number of times. It's not so great as it seems, since when it breaks, you can't just take it back to get fixed.

But it is a lot of fun :)

Danny said...

Oh yeah forgot about that part Sonja. I have to be my own tech support after such a project. But since tech support is my line work it won't be too bad.