Saturday, July 10, 2010

I think I may be having comment problems...

A few days ago I did a post called Through a New Looking Glass: Suspecting someone might be gay. Someone by the name of Zen Turtle left the following comment:
Edit: Zen has informed me that he/she made the comment then deleted it. In accordance with that I will remove the comment from here as well. Situation averted.
Funny thing is I got the email notification of the comment (which is where I just copied it from) but the comment never showed up in my moderation queue.

My apologies Zen. The reason your comment didn't show up wasn't because I deleted it but because it never showed up my moderation queue.

Haven't had this happen before and I'm worried comments might be getting eaten.

Is anyone else having problems? If you are drop me a line at dannybois-dot-corner-at-gmail-dot-com.


ZenTurtle said...

Hey Danny,

Actually I posted it, then deleted it, so that is probably the answer to your issue.

Danny said...

Ah cool. Had me feeling crazy for a bit. If you meant to delete it then I'll go back and remove the comment.