Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Huge Episode 3: Live Action Role Play

If you hadn't already noticed my blogging about this series has focused mostly on the guys at the camp. Well to that end there really isn't much to be said about the guys in this recent episode due to it being a Becca episode. However there are two things. First my faith in the writers to do something useful with Ian is fading now. Unless something really big happens later I think he will indeed end up a love sick puppy following (yeah not even chasing just following, hoping for attention) Amber around the whole damn time. Not good. On the other hand we have been given some insight into Alastair.

Early in the episode one of Alastair's bunkmates comes to Ian to tell him that someone needs to tell Alastair doesn't shower on a regular basis and is starting to carry a serious body odor (remember they are doing physical activity and its summer time) and Ian is it.

At first Ian isn't sure how to confront him on the issue and asks George, the assistant exercise coach. Even though George had agreed to help Ian decided that he needed to be the one to tell him. Things didn't quite go so well since Ian tried to tell Alastair while they were getting ready for Becca's LARP session (yes Live Action Role Play) and Alastair was a little too in character while Ian was trying to talk to him. Ian snapped. Well sometime after the tension broke George came along to talk to Alastair. During the conversation our young shy friend tells why he doesn't shower. Its because he is scared to shower in front of the other guys. Now while doesn't exactly come right out and say why (or he may have like an idiot I accidentally deleted the episode after the first watching thus leaving me unable to watch the second one) I think I have an idea.

You see being fat usually comes with a seriously negative sense of one's own body image. Thinking you're ugly. Feeling unattractive. Afraid others will tease you. That shit does big damage to your self esteem. But mind you (as far as I recall at least) this is only speculation. He may have some other deeper reason for not wanting to shower in front of others.

And while I'm spending most of my blogging efforts on the guys I must 3 things.

1. Shay needs to turn that shit down.

2. I'm starting to get interested in Rand.

3. Becca won the episode for bringing in LAPRing.