Sunday, July 11, 2010

Huge Episode 2: Letters Home

A week or so ago I talked about the first episode of the new ABC series "Huge". I was planning on using episode 2 in this coming Theater Thursday post but then I remembered that I would have episodes 2 and 3 on my hands by then and just will not do.

One thing I commented on in episode one is that while this show may try to pass itself off as an attempt to examining fat and how it affects people, namely teenagers, it looked like it was gearing itself up to examine fat and how it affects teenage girls with a few guys just sprinkled in as scenery and fodder for plot devices. Well it looks like that might not be the case. I'll warn you now that by talking about the guys on this show more than likely my posts on this show will be going in a pretty different direction than most of the blogging commentary you'll come across on this show.

Ian - Back in episode one it looked like Ian is going to be played out as a music buff that while relating to Will and finding common ground with her he will spend most of the summer pining for Amber. And it looks like it will continue that way. In episode 2 he comes up three times. First talking to Will about Amber. Second in the cafeteria where he gave a tell thinking that Will is gay (by way of "Being called queer because you hate sports." then telling Will, "No offense"). Third during one of the exercising sessions where is constantly looking at Amber and having a side conversation with a new camper.

His second mention does serve as an opportunity for Becca (who is a shy friend of Will's) speaks up in a quick moment to tell him that Will is not gay. His third mention where he had the conversation with the new camper could have turned into something. Problem is said new camper left the camp at the end of the new episode.

So by the end of episode two we know that Ian is a music fan that doesn't like sports, thought Will was gay, and things Amber is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yeah... And I'm going to go complete and utterly apeshit if Ian does the "Oh _____. I was a fool to be so smitten by Amber when you were right under my nose this whole time! I'm so lucky!" routine. My money says if it happens it will be Becca's name in that blank.

Trent - Trent appears to fulfill the "jock" stereotype. In this episode (I don't think he was in episode one) he is introduced playing basketball. As the jock type he is really into the game to the point of taking it a little too seriously. Well this seriousness seems to have been played up as a chance for Will get another notch in her belt of teenage rebellion. But later on during a pretty heartfelt sequence Trent writes a letter home questioning why he got into athletics.

If all goes like I hope it will we will eventually see some examination on guys and athletics but more specifically big guys and athletics (considering that being athletic is one of the few times its "okay" for a guy to be fat and beyond that boys overall regardless of size have been socialized to think that participation in sports is a way to validates one's manliness). This is a phenomenon that has been very rarely examined in past tv shows and movies where instead big athlete exists for the sole purpose of being made fun of usually by the main character(s). Exposure of this would win a lot of points for this show in my book.

For I'll play Wait and See.

Alistair - Honestly I recall seeing him in episode one but I still don't recall ever hearing his name. At first he is show approaching Chloe but not saying anything and with her seemingly giving him the cold shoulder. At first I thought this was just some run of the mill "he likes her but can't say it and she really doesn't see anything in him". But in episode two after Chloe got a box of items in the mail she shared some of the items in the box with him, they exchange a few words, then she leaves in haste. Seems to me like they are related. But why would she leave so hastily?

I have to say that so far I get the feeling that I would identify with Alistair since he seems to be the type that's always around but no one notices him. Hell I'll be the first to admit that I didn't notice him that much at first and didn't pick on him until I was re-watching it. According to the wiki Alistair has two big secrets. This alone has me interested in what's in store for him (meaning that I'm not familiar with the books this series is based off of).

Overall things are starting to look interesting for the guys at Camp Victory. Let's see where we end up next week.