Saturday, July 31, 2010

Driven Into Fear and Torn Apart by the Creeping Shadows

End of the moth once again. Have you ever heard of Bleach? If you haven't its an anime/manga that would fall in the category of supernatual fiction with a lot of fighting. Pretty interesting stuff. I've been watching the anime for a last few years and I've grown quite fond of the soundtrack. Here's a few titles just to give you a taste.

Driven Into Fear

Torn Apart

Creeping Shadows

As you can see I've noticed that you can customize the dimensions of the video clips I can embed. Makes I don't like having them too big and it also helps keep them inside the margins of my posts. If you go back and look at some of my older posts they will probably go over the right margin and cover up my archive list, which I'll fix as I come across them.

Hope you like it!


Toysoldier said...

I like the show, but the fillers happen at random and interrupt the story. The latest bout happened in the middle of a fight and lasted for a year. The animation team was nowhere near catching up to the manga, so it was an odd thing to do.

I do enjoy the music from the show though. Easily some of the best, especially the Espada music. I like the theme songs more. I just spent the weekend singing them with my godson's summer camp group. It is odd to hear a bunch of 10 to 14-year-olds singing in broken Japanese.

Danny said...

Yes the fillers are aggravating.

I just uh... acquired the soundtracks with the Espada music and they are indeed awesome. And hell yeah on the themes. Now about the summer camp my question is, who brought up the music you or them?

Toysoldier said...

It was the kids. The kids were talking about the last episode and one girl mentioned that she could not find the full version of the song used in the current opening. My godson said that I knew the song, which the girl took to mean I knew of it and where to find it. But my godson meant that I could sing it and he talked me into doing that.

Danny said...

That is awesome. Talking to kids about anime. Well if you need any of the openings I have the first 11.

Toysoldier said...

Thanks, but I already... acquired them. The next one does not come out until September, which seems unusually long for the release of a single. The kids were more impressed that I watched anime than the other way around. They also assumed that I was in high school or just graduated. They would not believe that I am 27, which was hilarious.

Danny said...