Friday, July 9, 2010

Damn gender expectations strike again!

Okay if you're a man or woman there are certain things that you are simply expected to do because you're a man or woman. Kill the rodents, fix the car, clean the dishes, change the diapers, pump the gas, and so on. Well as fate would have it I drew an XY in the genetic lottery and thus ended up with the man's list of expectations. One of the items on my list is heavy lifting.

You see we have one of those water dispensers that uses those big jugs of water you load into the dispenser by turning it upside down. For some ungodly reason the women in the department next to us have this tendency to come straight to me when its time to replace the jug.

You would not believe how much this gets on my nerves.

You see being a guy and being a rather tall and large guy my life has pretty much been a continuous line of, "Lift this.", "Pass me that.", "Carry this.", "Move that.", and so on. So now I'm subjected to almost weekly requests to change the damn thing out. Unfortunately I haven't quite gotten up the guts to just say no (you see despite what you may think of me I'm actually a nice person).

I'm sure I'm not the only person that has to put up with this type of stuff on a regular basis. Are there any things that people expect you to just do because of your gender?


Lana said...

Have sex, bear children, give up work and opinions... shop, remove all body hair, dye the remaining hair blonde, wear makeup and revealing clothing... increase the size of my breasts, decrease the size of my waist... be unable and unwilling to lift things, drive, do maths, operate technology...

Danny said...

Hey there Lana.

I know its a massive pain right to put up with that stuff right?