Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Caprica and why I hate long "mid season" breaks

As you may know Caprica is a SyFy Channel original series that takes place most on the planet of Caprica about 60 years before the events of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series (the one that start Edward James Almos as William Adama). I've talked about a few times already.

Basically Daniel and Amanda Greystone lose their only child Zoe to a terrorist bombing. After her death Daniel, inventor and CEO of Greystone Industries become obsessed with trying to develop a CYbernetic LifefOrm Node (the first CYLON) after learning that a virtual avatar of his daughter inhabits the prototype. Amanda begins repeat the effects that she went through when her younger brother was killed in a car wreck. At the same time Joseph Adama loses his daughter Tamara and wife Shannon and learns that his daughter has an avatar of her own that is inhabiting a virtual world. And it becomes apparent that his son William (the same William portrayed by Almos in the 2004 series) didn't start off as the upright commander we see later.

Well anyway the show is pretty good. Its kind of like a Scoap Opera (as in Sci-Fi Opera) in which there is plenty of technology going on while at the same time there are engaging characters and rather interesting plots. (I rather fond of Sister Clarence played by Polly Walker. She's the head of a private school that abides by the polytheistic religion that is commonplace, but in reality she is a member of a organization that worships a single god. Oh and did I mention she's gorgeous?). Well for as good as the show is the first 9 episodes aired earlier this year and things were great. Problem is the show is not returning early next year.

I can't stand this. Nothing in the world of tv pisses me off more than a show going on a break in the middle of a season. Its one thing when the season ends on a cliffhanger and you have to wait for the next season (which is usually only about 5 months away) to see what happens. But airing 9 episodes then taking a 10 month break is just cheap. The main reason I hate these breaks is that they usually happen in the middle of a big story and when you do that you really run the risk of losing fans.

And from there if things don't go well (thankfully Caprica has been ordered for a second season) the show gets canceled because "lack of support". Well the show would have kept support if they didn't just throw in arbitrary breaks, giving the chance for the show to fade out of sight and ultimately out of mind.

For now I'm ready for the show to get back on the air and it does help that I've got Eureka, Wharehouse 13, and Stargate: Universe to tide me over. But even for as much as I like this show if it fails because of falling viewer stats they have no one to blame but themselves.