Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why have I waited so long to get my ear checked out?

I've had an ear infection for a little over a week and I've yet to go to the doctor for it. Why is that?

Well the short answer (and the answer most people will stop at) is that "I'm just being a man."

The long answer is (and this really speaks to the heart of the short answer) that as a man I've been socialized to simply fight through the pain to validate my manhood.

Growing up as a guy being able to keep on working through disease and illness was a badge of honor. Its the reason a boy playing a sport may try to cover or play off an injury. Yes girls may do this too but that is usually treated as a deviation of how a girl "is supposed to be" whereas the culture forces this on boys and punishes those those who don't man up.

I mean hell we even have ads telling us that the way for men to become more aware of their health is to act like women (I'm sure the ad means well but I don't think its a good idea to play up something as inherent to one gender and implying the other has to imitate that gender in order to achieve that good idea).

So long story short I'm going to make some time to get my ass to the doctor before this ear infection turns into something worse (in fact there has been this wicked ringing in my ear for the last 2-3 days that I think needs to be checked).

And besides its Men's Health Month.