Thursday, June 17, 2010

Under Construction....part godzillion and three

Alright had some folks saying they were having a hard time reading my corner. Can't have that now can we? Made some more color tweaks, which are quite....challenging when you don't have the preview ability. (Don't ask its some sort of error that comes up when I try to preview.)

Take a look around. Try things out. Poke. Prod. Let me know what's up.


womanistmusings said...

Thanks so much or moving to a light background. It is MUCH easier to read. When I played with my template I fell in love with the white on black as well but quickly found myself squinting. I realized that if I couldn't read it, others wouldn't be able to either. It kind of sucks because I gotta admit that it is a really cool look. I do like the distressed look in the background. Who says guys can't decorate. LOL Now i only you could teach my unhusband how to cook all would be right with my world.

Danny said...

Thanks. You know I was really digging the darker background and my nearly perfect vision really didn't notice. Happy to oblige.

I can decorate when I need to but for all that is holy don't consult me for fashion advice. My skills are pretty much limited to matching colors if you throw in designs its game over for me.

As for the unhusband is it really that bad? I know you talk smack about the man but is he REALLY that bad of a cook? But if he is you will just have to accept that despite all the other reasons you love him you can't have perfection.