Thursday, June 3, 2010

Theater Thursday: Living Single

I'm still fighting that ear infection so this is going to be short. But I do have an appointment this coming Monday (that's the earliest I could get).

I don't think spoilers are going to be a problem here since we're not talking about a movie but rather a show that ended its run a little over 10 years ago. I was reading a post over at Transgriot asking why seasons 2-6 of A Different World haven't been released on DVD yet. Even though it was a short mention Monica brought up how only season 1 of the 5 seasons of Living Single have been released. But the memories came back.

Living Single ran from 1993-1998 which was right through my teenage years. The show centered around three black women who lived together in a brownstone, another who lived in the building across the street, and two male friends who live upstairs above their own brownstone, all in Brooklyn, NY. Like many other sitcoms various situations came up like dating, work, and life in general. All in all I really liked that show.

But the thing I want to talk about is how only the first season has been released on DVD and how other shows seem to have fallen to the same fate.

After a bit looking as far as I can tell Living Single, A Different World, Roc, and South Central have only seen partial or no DVD release. Now at a quick glance one may think that the problem is race. However consider that there are black shows that have been fully released on DVD like Martin and Chappelle Show. So maybe its a matter of shows that give good social/racial/cultural/etc... commentary or break some sort of barrier. But then you have a show like The Cosby Show. Maybe the difference is an active attempt at said commentary versus passive. Watching the Cosby Show it didn't seem like there was an active attempt at trying to send a message (but mind you I was a kid during the peak of that show).

Whatever the reason may be there seems to be a definite disparity between which shows have been released to DVD and which ones haven't.

So I guess its best to not hold my breath until the day comes that I can buy all of Living Single on DVD.