Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stay thirsty my friends

I've never even had a Dos Equis beer before (and I'll bet I wouldn't like it) but I really like some of the ads for them. The going theme is that this man is "The Most Interesting Man in the World" and while it seems to want to embody the traditional idea of machismo I have to admit that some of those ads offer interesting opinions and insights. Here's a few that I've seen and really like:

Lady Luck
Useful one indeed. A person should really be mindful of people who only seem to show up when the chips are up for you and I think by mentioning women and the fact that these ads is pretty much aimed toward straight guys he is sending an extra message about women who do such things. Yes there are deceitful men that a guy needs to watch out for but frankly speaking if said guy is heterosexual then there is no doubt that he needs to be on the lookout for a deceitful woman because she can come at him at a different, and possibly more damaging angle than any man can, romance. That opens the gate to playing with a man's heart and from there all kinds of damage can be done. So yes I agree that when it comes to at least heterosexual guys they should be mindful of a woman that only appears when they are winning.

I really like the "live life to the fullest" message here.

Now I am by no means saying that the ads are perfect. First off some of the individual ads are pretty mean (like this one on tight pants). Second of all like I said at the top this seems to be an attempt at propping up one type of masculinity as "the" masculinity that all men (and no women) should follow. Anyone who knows me knows that's not how I roll. But unlike others I'll at least say that there is interesting advice to be had from that old traditional masculinity.


womanistmusings said...

They just started airing here and I think that they are ridiculous. "If this man punched you in face you would have to thank him" That to me sounds like supporting violence and the idea that a good and or legitimate form of masculinity is necessarily violent.

Danny said...

Oh I certainly agree that some of the ads actually send bad messages. However like the two I pointed out I think some of them are actually good messages.

Better off than those damn Axe ads that pretty much tell guys, "Unless you use these products you will stink and women will not like you."

chava said...

Hah. I actually like them. I too find some good things in traditional masculinity, although I think it can be hard to sort out what one needs to be vigilant against and what one doesn't.

I sometimes wonder though, if I could actually have a *conversation* with a man like that. My grandfather was a man's man in that kind of way, and it meant...well, it meant that in a lot of ways he wasn't great at talking to women about things. Not sure how much of that was generational, though, how much of it was seeing women as full people, how much of it was being stoic, etc. Tough knot to unravel.

Danny said...

"Hah. I actually like them. I too find some good things in traditional masculinity, although I think it can be hard to sort out what one needs to be vigilant against and what one doesn't. "
I'll tell you one (of probably many) metric I go by when thinking about this. "Am I doing this for me or for someone else?"

That question helped me start really thinking about chivalry (one part of traditional masculinity). Why should I be obligated to do anything for anyone else just because I'm a man? Once that question popped into my head I pretty much concluded that chivalry is one of the most damaging parts of traditional masculinity and must be done away with, reworked, or something.

The reasonings behind your grandfather being that way would be quite the knot and it needs to be unraveled. I'd bet that a lot of his behaviors could be attributed to "A real man would never do this." or "I have to do this to show I'm a real man." That's the type of stuff that needs to be done away with.

In order for this to be dealt with it needs to be dealt with by the people who live in (what I think anyway) gender trap of manhood because we are the ones the experience it. That's part of the reason I blog.

Paul said...

I absolutely hate the Axe ads, especially the new one with the man completely overhauls his look every ten seconds so the woman he's with won't get "bored" with him.

Danny said...

Paul I can't stand that new damn ad either. And to think I actually used to use that product. I still feel bad about it.