Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I can understand that technology is a valuable tool in this wonderful world but technology does not mean that we can now throw caution and personal responsibility to the wind.

In the vein of GPS for vehicles Google has started to work on a similar solution applied to giving walking directions. Well it would seem that one woman decided to put more faith in the directions than in her own common sense. While getting directions to walk to a location in Park City, Utah this woman came up to a street that has multiple lanes and has no crosswalk (there are pictures on the TechDirt post I link to). I don't know about you but would cross such a street simply because some GPS directions said that was the way to go? Well apparently this woman did and as a result she was hit by a car.

But this woman takes her lack of personal responsibility a bit further. She is now suing the driver who hit her and Google for giving her such bad directions. So on one hand its the driver's fault because they were driving too fast but on the other its Google's fault for leading her to cross a roadway. Confusing I know.

Look tech is great and wonderful thing that has made our lives easier but goodness high end tech does not give us the greenlight to abandon things like old fashion common sense.

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womanistmusings said...

THANK YOU!! This is exactly why I think that people need to just unplug for a bit and relearn how to use their brains. I hope that she does not get a single cent.