Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh the answer to that is simple....

When talking about the barrage of products that are marketed for so-called feminine hygiene there is often some side remark complaining about how men don't get barraged in such a manner. Maybe its by design but these remarks usually come across in a "men have it better than women" tone and then dropped at that as if that is all there is to it. I was reading a post at RedVinylShoes that pretty much does the same thing.
Something tells me society doesn’t care if a male-identified person’s junk stinks. Or at least, no one shames them into worrying about their junk stink.
You know why men aren't shamed about their genital smells (and I just want to point out how not just in that post but in society in general that male genitals are so lovingly referred to as "junk", yeah no problems there...)? Its because we are told that having those smells is part of being "a real man".

Now don't get this mixed up with "its just a natural part of being male so there is nothing to be worried about". No I'm talking about this "real men are rugged, stink, and don't care about smelling like flowers" attitude that is just starting to fall (but given the way Axe ads are I'm not sure its much better).

Ever noticed how most body products like soap, wash, and spray that are marketed to men seem to go out of their way to reassure men that its okay to smell nice while making sure we know that using a body wash doesn't mean we will turn into a woman? That's because unlike women who are force fed the societal message that smelling good is the norm and that having any odor, no matter how natural it is, is a disgusting deviation men are force fed the societal message that having an odor is the norm and that smelling good, regardless of how said guy may feel about it, is a disgusting deviation.

Just wanted to clear that up for the people that think that men have some sort of fucking cake walk when it comes to smells and odors. Oh and for the love of all that is holy I'm not trying to say that men have it worse than women, I'm saying that men don't have it as easy as women like to declare we do.


womanistmusings said...

I think not having to worry whether or not you stink is pretty damn easy.

Danny said...

You know I was not trying start a pissing match but I'll tell you that its not easy getting teased/harrassed/shamed/ about WANTING to smell nice.