Monday, June 28, 2010

Never been a fan of guerilla marketing...

especially when its for something that I already have an opinion on.

You see a a while back I firmly said that I am not a feminist. Well imagine my surprise when I checked my comment queue today and saw a link to a post at Tomato Nation called, "Yes You Are".

Pretty damn presumptive ain't it?

You see this attempt at guerrilla marketing is nothing more than attempt at trying to make feminist the moral and ethical default. Think is its not.

Just as there are different ideas of what is good, evil, just, and unjust there are feminists that are good, bad, reasonable, unreasonable, and downright nasty.

Yes it would be nice if we all just pretended "those" feminists did not exist. That way the ones that want to badly for the title feminist to become the standard for all that is good and holy will have their dreams come true. As long as there are bad ones out there then the title can't become the default.

Oh and another thing. For a feminist to come and tag my post like its graffiti with a post that is pretty much forcing a label on me is pretty arrogant. How dare they try to erase what I'm trying to do by telling I'm a feminist when I have seen and experienced those among them that directly contradict the very things they supposedly believe in. Funny thing is I thought they were against, no above, that.

So in the end more than likely that person is a drive by commenter that will never grace this blog again (which is a damn shame because I'd really like for them to really understand me rather than just shrugging off my words and telling me what I am anyway) I just needed to get that off my chest.


Paul said...

while I can appreciate the intent of the linked post, I agree with you. Saying "well they're not REAL feminists" is completely dismissive of what "they" do (in the name of feminism) especially when "they" are politically powerful Feminist organizations like NOW. If NOW ain't feminist, who is?

Danny said...

I agree. I wonder if that guerrilla commenter would go tell NOW that they really aren't feminists because of the things they do.

I fully understand that feminists are not a monolith (and thank goodness they aren't). My problem is that while they will chant that from the mountain many of them will then turn around and treat other groups (namely men and MRAs) as a monolith.