Monday, June 7, 2010

Making a rude comment means you deserve to get shot

It would seem that someone has gone and made a game called Hey Baby in which you play as a woman carrying a gun and the objective is to kill guys who make rude comments at you and catcall you.

Oh I can just hear the people who argue against the killing of prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto III go absolutely silent on this.

Thing is its no better than what players could do in GTAIII. In fact you could argue that its worse considering that GTAIII was an actual video game that had a plot, story, and characters and the killing of prostitutes was a part of a larger game. On the other hand this Hey Baby title is solely about shooting guys for making rude comments. Yes saying something rude to a woman means you deserve to get shot. Now don't get me wrong I certainly agree that catcalling and rude commentary are totally disrespectful and wrong. But to go from a nasty comment to shooting someone?

I'm sure the arguing on the blogs will be interesting over this one.


Paul said...

Um, the company that makes the game is called "ladykillas" ...I'm assuming it's supposed to be "Killers who are ladies" and not "Killers of ladies" because the second would be hilariously ironic, and I don't think I'm that lucky

Danny said...


What I'm tired of seeing is that when someone complains of this the ones defending this game reach for the GTA games. But there is one big difference at work.

While you can kill prostitutes (well actually you can kill any civilian male or female but that won't slow them down on their ranting) THAT IS NOT THE CENTRAL POINT OF THE GAME.

You can play the GTA games without killing a single prostitute unless its in a required mission. And check this out. In GTA 3 if you only kill required targets guess how many women you kill? Maybe 3? Try counting how many men you have to kill...

On the other hand this game is made for the express purpose of killing people that say rude remarks to you. Not put their hands on. Not try to kill you first. No a "Hey Baby!" gets a clip unloaded into your chest but that's okay because women are oppressed right?

I would say violence begets violence but the people that made this game (and those defending it) are upping the ante to violence first.